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MINIMUM SEARCH CRITERIA: Parts searches must contain at least 3 characters. Do not begin a search with an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?).

NO RESULTS FOUND: If you entered at least 3 characters to search for a part number and get a "No Results Found," try adding an asterisk (*) to the end of what you originally typed.

WILDCARD SEARCH: Type an asterisk (*) at the end of your search criteria. You will be shown results of all parts that begin with the part number prior to the asterisk. The asterisk is required.

MULTIPLE PARTS SEARCH: One can search for multiple parts by placing a comma (,) between part numbers in the search criteria. There is a maximum of 5 parts numbers per search query.

SEARCH RESULTS:As a security measure, just 5 results will be displayed. You may complete a Request for Information form if you are looking for a part not found by your search.

SPECIAL CHARACTERS: If the part number you are searching for contains special characters; you may search with them or remove the characters. You may never begin a search with an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?).

SUPERSEDED PARTS: Superseded parts data will appear with Parts Search results in green text. You will have the option of finding out more information or ordering the superseded part as you would with other parts.

REQUEST FOR MORE INFORMATION: When the part you are searching for is not found, you may complete the Request for Information form and submit it directly to the Customer Portal Administrator. Some of the fields are required, as indicated by an asterisk (*).

MORE INFO / BUY BUTTON: When you search for a part before logging in, you will see a MORE INFO button. When you click on it you will be prompted to login and then will be taken to that Business Unit's e-commerce site to inquire about or order that part. If you are already logged in and search for a part, you will see a BUY button. When you click on it, you will be taken to that Business Unit's e-commerce to inquire about or order that part. A MORE INFO / BUY button is not available for every part.


ORDER SEARCH: You may search for Order Status at the following Goodrich Business Units: Actuation Systems, Aerostructures, Aircraft Wheels and Brakes, Cargo Systems, Large Engine Control Systems, and Power Systems. In time, more Business Units will be available.

GOODRICH SALES ORDER NUMBER SEARCH: If you are having trouble finding an Aerostructures Goodrich Sales Order Number, remove the leading zeros from your search and use an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the number. Example: To find Sales Order Number 0000123456 enter the following search criteria: *123456


REPAIR ORDER STATUS SEARCH: You may search for Repair Order Status for some Goodrich Business Units' repair facilities.


On every page of the Customer Portal you can get to by clicking on the GOODRICH logo.

For better performance, use the Customer Portal BACK and HOME buttons rather than the browser back button.

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